Depending on each project constraints, the main construction strategy is defined. SVK explains advantages and disadvantages to help our clients measuring risk for decision making. Budget, time, location, topography, hydrology, market conditions, contract types and even union or political conditions are evaluated.

Owners Rep

Representing and protecting client interests SVK assigns a reduced team on the construction site to interact on daily basis with contractors and consultants. Our team will provide administration services and wil ladminister, schedule, contractor’s coordination and quality control. Our most experienced personal will participate and attend weekly meetings.

These services best fits clients that have an in-house construction manager and require an outsourced construction team or projects with a General Contractor strategy.

Construction Management

When several contractors will be required SVK can provided full Construction Management services; we will launch, receive and recommend awarding on each bid, also coordinate on-site construction works, schedule and administrative control; depending on the size of the project SVK assigns a team with sufficient personal an expertise to best attend project challenges.

Main Construction Strategy

  • Traditional
  • Fast Track
  • Design Build

Contract Types

  • Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
  • Lump Sum / Fixed Price
  • Cost Plus


Safety and Code of Practice

Safety is taken seriously in SVK we will request all the contractors to comply with very strict safety policies and to accept Code of Best practices as a part of the agreement.


Investment Development & Advisory

When financial assistance is required SVK teams up with ICARUS REAL STATE, an experienced firm that works in Capital Markets, Valuation, Financial Analysis, Deal Structuring among other services.


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